4-H Staff Visit Washington D.C. 4-H Curriculum Summit

Pamela Roberts, Jefferson County 4-H coordinator, Nancy Mordhorst with 4-H WSU Pullman, and Gena Royal, Clallam County 4-H coordinator, stand in front of the National 4-H Conference Center in Washington D.C. while attending the 4-H Curriculum Conference June 11, 2007.

The National 4-H Conference Center can accomodate 800 guest ovenight. Conference rooms range in capacity from 15 to 550. The conference center is located on a beautiful campus of over 12 acres.

They offer a computer classroom with high-speed Internet access for workshops requiring digital technology. Groups can use the expansive lobby space and beautiful courtyards for receptions, dances, and other gatherings.

On the day we arrived, there were hundreds of youth circulating throughout the conference center dorms, meeting rooms, and outside. The youth had lots of activities going on, including a dance, volleyball, basketball, hanging around in the dorm lobbies talking, sitting in the hallways chatting, etc. It was a relaxed atmosphere and you could tell the youth felt welcomed there.

When I entered my room where I was going to stay the first night I was surprised at how well kept it was. The room was spotless, well decorated and well designed. You could tell that the 4-H youth who visited the center were respectful of the conference environment as there were no signs whatsoever of a lack of care of the facility. This was an impressive start!