Welcome to Jefferson County 4-H where 'Learn by Doing' is our philosophy and 'To Make the Best Better' is our motto. For more information about our 4-H program contact Sue Hay, 4-H Coordinator, shay@jefferson.wsu.edu, 360-379-5610 ext 208

Farmers Fight - Stand Up: advocacy for agricultural professions

“Farmers Fight is a student-led initiative at Texas A&M to reconnect American society to the world of agriculture. Beginning with university students, Farmers Fight encourages consumers to ask where their food comes from, and give students, faculty, public officials, and farmers and ranchers an opportunity to become "agvocates" for the agriculture community.” I wanted to share a UTube video of one of our students promoting our profession. I think other institutions may be interested in forming similar student groups. Let’s make this viral on social media!

Performed by Jasmine Dillon.

Flash mob Russian style - to an Irving Berlin tune!

This video made me smile and laugh and reminded me how important the arts are to every culture.
It makes us human and creates connections that are special between different peoples.

Ghost bunkers strike again!

Watch Claire Turner and Alex Granstrom as they fight marauding ghosts at Port Townsend's Fort Worden bunkers! Claire and Alex wrote the script for this movie in half an hour and filmed the clips right then in one afternoon. They worked hard for months editing the sound effects and that is what makes this movie so entertaining - in addition to their fun action shots and drama. Good job kids!

4-H Know Your Clothes!

King County 4-H shows multiple examples of clothing "make overs" so that teens have concrete ideas of how to transform their clothing choices for more formal events. This film is about 15 minutes long, but if you want good ideas of how to choose clothing that is appropriate for business activities, conferences, etc. it's well worth watching the entire video. Setting of the film was a Goodwill Store so you can get the look you need for not too much cost. Great job, kids!

4-H flash mob!

Spokane County's Campaign video/flash mob for the 2012 4-H Know Your Government Conference. This video was part of a campaign for their candidate. Check it out!

Master Gardener Grants Available!

  • Do you or your organization have a project that you want to undertake but lack sufficient funding?
  • Are you a high school student looking for a college scholarship?
  • Is there an advance training or educational class you would take but for the money?   
The Jefferson County Master Gardener Foundation has launched a new grant, scholarship and training assistance program to financially support organizations or individuals who intend to educate the Jefferson County community in the fields of sustainable horticulture, environmental stewardship or other related fields. 

Are these your goals too?  If so read on to learn more about the criteria and guidelines associated with each type of award, and download the appropriate application form below.

Our Program

The purpose of the Jefferson County Master Gardener Foundation (JCMGF) is to enhance and supplement the community educational efforts of the Washington State University Master Gardener Program and thereby to provide education and information on horticulture and environmental stewardship to all citizens of Jefferson County.  JCMGF programs are available to all without discrimination.

The JCMGF intends to award grants, scholarships and training assistance to those organizations and individuals whose proposals are judged to be most compatible with the purposes of JCMGF. 

  • Awards may range from $100 to $1,500 each.
  • There are two application deadlines per year. Applications must be received by either April 1 or October 1.   Awards will be announced May 10 or November 10 respectively.
  • Salaries and administrative costs are not funded
  • Site visits will be made prior to consideration of your proposal
Awards will be made based upon the following elements in your proposal. The written narrative of your proposal must include:

  • A brief description of the organization/group and its purpose.
  • A description of the project, which includes the environmentally safe horticulture and sustainable practices you plan to use.
  • The plan to share information to others in the community.
  • The estimate of persons in Jefferson County who will benefit.
  • A detailed budget of costs, supplies, and the potential suppliers
  • The timeline of activities to be followed to accomplish the project and who will be responsible for these activities.
  • An evaluation plan that includes measurable outcomes of the project and how the project will be sustained in the future.
  • If your request for funding is for part of a larger project, please specify the part of the project you are requesting JCMGF funds and the other sources of income.
Download a Grant Application.


The Jefferson County Master Gardener Foundation (JCMGF) and the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State (MGFWS) each offer one scholarship annually to promote education in the areas of horticulture, agriculture, agriculture and food systems, environmental stewardship or related fields. Currently, Jefferson County MGF offers one scholarship of fifteen hundred dollars ($1500). The recipient of the Jefferson County scholarship is automatically forwarded to the state Washington Master Gardener Foundation for an additional scholarship of one thousand dollars, ($1000).
These scholarships are offered to high school seniors or to students entering a college/university for the first time as a full time student. A person must meet the following requirements. The county scholarship may be renewable if the recipient is still in the field of horticulture, botany, environmental stewardship or related majors.
Applicant must be:
  1. A resident of Jefferson County, Washington
  2. Accepted by a recognized accredited college/university.
  3. Planning a course of study in horticulture, agriculture, environmental stewardship entomology, botany or a strongly related field.
Applicants can apply for both scholarships concurrently by submitting the following documents:
  1. A completed 2012 Application
  2. An official copy of your grade transcript. (Only one copy will be needed of this document)
  3. A one or two page essay on your choice of vocation or profession, how you have planned for the future, and how your education will influence that future.
  4. A summary of your activities and service to your family, your school and your community. This summary should include any awards or honors received and may be submitted as résumé.
  5. At least two (2) letters of recommendation (one preferably from an instructor).
Download a Scholarship Application

JCMGF is committed to educating the community on environmentally safe, sustainable gardening practices. If plan to hold classes or write articles for local community newsletters, newspapers and need training, this is the opportunity to obtain funding.

Criteria and Guidelines  
  • Applicant must be a resident of Jefferson County, Washington.
  • Training curricula provides information on sustainable horticulture and safe environmental stewardship.
  • Applicant provides a plan for sharing information, i.e. classes, newsletter articles.
  • If funding is received, applicant will submit a written report of the training experience to the JCMGF Committee for Grants/Scholarships.
  • Training assistance is a one time monetary award.   Awards may range from under $100 to $1,500 each.
  • There are two application deadlines per year.  Applications must be received by either April 1 or October 1.   Awards will be announced May 10 or November 10 respectively.
Download a Training Assistance Application

Seeking Young Artists

Seeking Young Artists
Port Townsend Art Gallery presents
an all high school show called:
Through the Victorian Looking Glass

Create a piece of art inspired by the works of,
Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, Jules Verne, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Beatrix Potter, and other Victorian authors.

For details visit: http://www.facebook.com/Apothecarium

or come in person to 1300 Water Street #103
Port Townsend, WA 98368.
For Questions please call (360) 379-9411

4-H News: How to Skateboard #1 surpasses 2 million hits!

This video continues to be our most popular one, having now surpassed 2 million hits on Youtube!