National 4-H Youth Conference Center

There are many fun activities at the National 4-H Conference Center - volleyball, basketball, computers, lounge areas and more!

The National 4-H Youth Conference Center is located in Chevy Chase, MD near our nation's capitol in Washington D.C. This center is an active place with local, national and international youth flowing in and out on any particular day. In these photos you can see some of the recreational facilities available in the downstairs of the conference center. I don't suppose that the Coke machines are the best nutritional example of 4-H, but they are accessable and great to quench a thirst, especially in the summer humidity.
Lounge areas are extensive and the gift store has all kinds of goodies to take home as a remembrance of your visit! It's interesting to actually see the conference center and see the high level of youth activity in the facility.