Our comedy started a revolution!

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Jordan Henderson, Norm Vat, Kathy Thi Thach, Kevin Kop and Milton "Chino" Celedon-Perez are members of the 4-H Technology Club in Tacoma, Washington. They star in an upcoming 4-H video about environmental stewardship and salmon habitat enhancement. Each one of these talented actors brought something special to the project, making the process of production a real team effort.  The goal was to produce a film that would appeal to children - that included some comedic elements - but that would teach them about real scientific issues. Chino led the script writing, Kathy and Norm were the lead reporters, Jordan anchored the script with his card playing skills, and Kevin cracked everyone up with his puppets and silly voices. These 4-H actors have discovered talents individually and as a team that are More Than They Could Ever Imagine!