4-H actors star in upcoming stewardship video!

Jordan Henderson, Norm Vat, Kathy Thi Thach, Kevin Kop 
and Milton "Chino" Celedon-Perez.

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Tacoma, Washington's 4-H Network News team brought their acting and comedic talents to the table for an upcoming video about stewardship on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. This team of videographers works weekly with 4-H Technology Program coordinator, Jennifer Johnson of WSU Pierce County Extension. Pamela Roberts, Jefferson County 4-H coordinator visited to coach the video production process. Chino led the team in planning this comedic drama, featuring Jordan's slick card game, Kathy and Norm's news commentary, Kevin's hilarious puppets and Chino's dramatic physical comedy.

This video is being produced in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service and features footage of:

  • a salmon carcass "fish fling," showing 4-H youth returning dead salmon to the Skokomish River to increase the nutrient value in the riparian zone;
  • a helicopter flying in loads of trees complete with roots into the Skokomish River to build up "log jams" to slow the river flow down and create deep pools for salmon to thrive;
  • 4-H trail builders maintaining trails for public use in the Olympic National Forest; and
  • restoration of elk forage by replanting open areas and decommissioned roads in the forest.