Michael Kopp presents at Women Fly!

Michael Kopp, pilot, shared his extensive aviation knowledge with Women Fly! participants and topped it off with a detailed tour of his impressive Cessna airplane. He is shown here with Jefferson County 4-H club members, JoAnn Beard, Phaedra Ward and Emma Whitethunder.

Michael gave an interesting and articulate presentation about turbo-charging, describing how the engine uses turbines to compress thin air into air more similar in oxygen content to lower elevations. The young women who heard his talk learned about the pressurized areas of a plane and how the compressed turbo-charged air is routed into these sealed areas to make it possible for humans to fly at high elevations without wearing oxygen masks.

Michael gave an inspiring lecture to these young women, sharing lots of detailed scientific and engineering principles with them and handling their questions with respect and sometimes a challenge! Thanks, Michael, for a great day at Women Fly!

Michael gives a lecture on turbo-charging engines and ice prevention on airplanes to participants in the Women Fly! program.