Women Fly! panelists: Margaret Ringenberg, Karen Kahn and Laura Theodorson

Margaret Ringenberg began her aviation career as a ferry pilot with the Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II. She became a flight instructor after the WASP program was disbanded in 1944 and has been flying ever since. Tom Brokaw devoted an entire chapter to her in his book, The Greatest Generation.

Captain Karen M. Kahn is an extraordinary mentor and flight instructor who has written Flight Guide for Success: Tips & Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot. She currently flies for a major U.S. air carrier and has flown the 727, 757, 767, DC-10 and MD-80 (now the Boeing 717). She is also an inspiring speaker who helps aspiring young pilots fulfill their dreams.

Lt. Col. Laura Theodorson is a pilot, flying C-17s out of McChord AFB, and a former C-141 flight instructor. She has distinguished herself recently with successful humanitarian flights to Antarctica where she flew under extreme weather conditions and challenges.

It was a delight to share lunch with these distinguished pilots and to hear their stories about career challenges, the fun and challlenging aspects of their jobs, how they balance family life with piloting, their favorite restaurants in various locations they fly to and more. These women definitely have a different perspective on life - from the air!