Rosie Wilcox wins writing contest!

Rosie Wilcox, 13-year old Jefferson County 4-H member, won the Local 20/20 writing contest for Earthday Everyday with the following poem. Congratulations, Rosie!

In a perfect world,
We would have no use
For paper or ink,
And stories
   would be related
By the voices of those
Who  had come far,
But were not yet finished,
Because as long as
They breathe,
Their journey
   is not complete.

Perhaps poems
Would be written in sand
To be washed away
By the tides,
Each new stanza
As perfect as the last,
Simply because it is.

Legends would be
Chiseled into stone,
The sweat of labor
And the dust of ages
Standing tribute to
The accomplishments
Of human nature
And the fancies
   of the mind.

Children would learn
Their letters by
Fire and tree bark
Beneath the haze
Of a yellow moon.

An equalizer would be
At last found
   among the people
Who have looked so long
And found nothing
   but war.

And words
   would heal wounds
And the quest
   for knowledge
Would overcome
   the difference
In gender, race and beliefs
Because who in this world
Does not enjoy a poem?

Wouldn't this reprieve
The current dissension
Rising around the world
In which we reside?