Quotes from Know Your Government 2011 – Politics and the Media

If you ever wonder how much value our WSU Extension 4-H teens get out of our program and the 4-H Know Your Government conference then take a look at the comments below.  Thank you for all the incredible work you do as volunteers and staff to enrich the lives of our youth!    
- Betsy Fradd, WSU Extension 4-H Media Relations Coordinator

Quotes from Know Your Government 2011 – Politics and the Media

I’ve learned responsibility, leadership and organizational skills through 4-H.
Alyx, Pend Oreille County

I learned about the strength of united people.
Paige, Walla Walla County

4-H, and Know Your Government, has taught me great networking and leadership skills.
Jayme, Island County

I learned how to shoot with a hand-held camera.  I can’t wait to use these skills in my film career!
Naomi, King County

I’ve learned the difference between liberal and conservative views and how to write for a news broadcast.        
Sidnee, Asotin County

I learned how to produce a video and excellent ways to make a youth’s voice heard in the community.
Katrina, Asotin County

I learned the power of partnership between teens and adults and how we can work together to make change.
Melissa, Thurston County

I have learned to branch out and that being out of my comfort zone is okay.
Kelsey, Island County

I have learned how to be a positive influence in my community and numerous leadership skills.
Baylee, Skagit County

I have learned many ways to help my community and to speak in front of large groups.
Lindsey, Skagit County

4-H has made me who I am today which is a young, motivated and responsible adult with tons and tons of leadership skills.
Amanda, Spokane County

I have learned how to be a better part of a team.
Haley, Snohomish County

I’ve learned tolerance! 
Joann, Lincoln County

I’ve learned to take responsibility for my actions and how to be a leader.
Kelcey, Pend Oreille County

I learned the power of voice.
Shawntae, Spokane County

I have met people and become friends with both adults and teens and have learned organization, leadership and responsibility.
Bethany, Spokane County

From 4-H I’ve learned to never, ever give up.
Hannah, Skagit County

I learned the value of helping people.
Stephanie, Ferry County

I learned a lot about leadership and learning to listen to other people’s ideas.
Paul, Whatcom County

I’ve learned how to be a “people person.”
Corydon, Benton County

I’ve learned lots of leadership skills and opportunities through 4-H.
Nick, Whitman County