Jerry Newman Dedicated Extension Professional Retires After Three Decades of Service to 4-H

By Betsy Fradd, WSU Extension 4-H

He’s a collaborator, an innovator, and a person who considers being on the forefront of animal science, not only necessary, but responsible and essential.  Jerry Newman impacted the lives of countless 4-H staff, volunteers, and youth during his 30 years as a WSU state staff specialist. 

It started with chickens in 1950 in the Florin Silver Leaf 4-H Club in northern California.  At 10 years old his appreciation of animals soon branched out to include rabbits and sheep but he found his true calling with livestock.   “I got my first calf in my teens and enjoyed working with the animal in different ways,” said Jerry who spent a decade as a 4-H youth.   It wasn’t until much later that I would know the impact that livestock can have on children and teach them life skills that can carry them through their adulthood.”

Over the years Jerry’s admiration of agriculture and large animals led him to studies at University of California, Davis, where lived in a barn for two years taking care of 24 dairy bulls.  Another six months assisting a sheep herdsman solidified his resolve to work in an agriculture-related career.  After a brief stint in the Army Reserves, Jerry became the 4-H youth advisor in Solano County and later went on to earn a Master’s degree in Agriculture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His time and talent built a large program there during the 1970’s.

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