Plant-A-Thon cards raise funds for local schools!

In Richard Jesse Watson’s recent commission, “Sharing Their Journey,” children ride a coho salmon across a starry skyscape, planting native seedlings and sprinkling magic. Watson’s image will be seen all over town (Port Townsend, WA) – from neighbors’ refrigerators to shop windows – as well as distributed internationally.

An award-winning illustrator of more than a dozen children’s books, including Tom Thumb, High Rise Angel Food Cake and The Magic Rabbit, Port Townsend–based Watson has created the ink and acrylic image for the seventh annual Plant-A-Thon. The event is the largest fundraising/environmental service project in Jefferson County. Collectively, 250 students and parents from five local schools will plant 5,000 native trees at Tarboo Wildlife Preserve, a 310-acre salmon habitat restoration site near Quilcene...

Cards are available through schools that participate in the Plant-A-Thon. Participating schools include Swan School, Chimacum Pi Program, Sunfield Land for Learning, Quilcene Elementary and Jefferson Community School. Through cards sales and business sponsorships, schools raise more than $30,000 a year, collectively.

The cards are being sold now, in anticipation of two “green-belt-scale” tree-planting work parties in February. To purchase cards from any or all of the schools, visit

Tree cards are also available from students and parents in participating schools, or through their school’s representative: Swan School, Betsy Carlson, 379-1554; Jefferson Community School, Susan O’Brian, 360-531-1795; Chimacum Pi Program, Kit Pennell, 360-821-1476; Sunfield Land for Learning, Michele Meyering, 385-3658; Quilcene Elementary, Eric Jorgensen or staff, 360-765-3363.

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NOTE: Jefferson County 4-H sponsors in-school 4-H programs at the Pi Program, Sunfield Land for Learning, Quilcene Elementary and Jefferson Community School and supports the Plant-A-Thon efforts each year as part of its organizational activities! We encourage everyone to purchase cards to help this important educational environmental effort.