4-H Stewardship Program now hiring youth ages 14-18!

4-H is all about developing youth leadership through hands-on learning and community service. So when 4-H leaders heard that the U.S. Forest Service was swamped with backlogged maintenance, it only seemed natural to ask:

Why not have youth take leadership in helping maintain the health of our unique Olympic National Forest while getting some fresh air and exercise themselves?

And so a new partnership was formed between 4-H youth and the USFS.

The 4-H Stewardship Program is NOW HIRING this fall 2010:
  • 12 Port Townsend area teens, ages 14-18
  • To work  six "saturdays on the ground" to help clean, replant, and reinvigorate our local public forest lands.

    They will be led in this effort by our experienced 4-H crew chiefs, Joe Baisch and Freya Fennwood!

    (To be fair, Chimacum area youth will be hired this spring and Quilcene area youth have Quilcene Ranger Corps this summer.)

    The work days this fall for Port Townsend area youth participants are scheduled from September - November, 2010.

    Planned activities include:
    • Fish Toss (returning salmon carcasses to a river)
    • Picnic table restoration
    • Watershed cleanup day
    • Elk forage restoration
    • Trail building
    • and more!
    Youth will be paid minimum wage for their work and will be transported from Port Townsend and back on work days in a program van. Youth must live in the Port Townsend area, but can attend public, private or home school. We start the third week of September so don't hesitate if you are interested!

    If you or someone you know is interested in joining the 4-H Stewardship Program, have them write to Pamela Roberts, WSU Jefferson County 4-H Coordinator, at proberts@jefferson.wsu.edu   (this is the best way to contact her ) or you can call her at 765-0124.