WSU 4-H Challenge Course training offered

Photo is of with volleyball players from Sequim High School in front of the Wall at the WSU 4-H Gibbs Lake Challenge Course.

For some, arriving at the WSU 4-H Gibbs Lake Challenge Course and seeing the Wall, Hole in Space or Nitro Crossing, it looks easy. That is until they learn that it is not about individual accomplishment, but rather how well they can communicate, problem-solve and cooperate with others to help their entire group achieve the goal. The Challenge Course for individuals can be a life-changing event of learning to trust, express needs clearly and support others. For groups, it can mean learning new ways to be inclusive, letting go of personal needs for the good of the group and finding the “magic” that comes of successful teamwork. Participants include sports teams, youth clubs, therapy groups, and even birthday parties, but the goal remains the same - to provide skill-building experiences that help young people grow to be successful and productive members of our community.

Beginning April 17, 2010 WSU Jefferson County 4-H and Jefferson County Parks and Recreation will team up to offer a 4 day challenge course facilitator training for teachers, youth leaders, counselors and coaches or anyone else wishing to learn effective team-building skills, group development and communicating in groups. This training will feature portable activities that can be done in the classroom or on an outdoor field along with experiencing and learning to facilitate the more difficult elements at the Gibbs Lake Challenge Course. The training dates are April 17, 18 and May 1, 2 from 9-3 pm at the Gibbs Lake Challenge Course in Chimacum, WA. Cost is $200 (limited scholarships are available).

To sign up call Nancy Wyatt at (360)732-4069. Clock and credit hours are available.