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4-H Video Judging Scorecards
These judging sheets can be used at fairs to judge various types of youth-produced videos. Youth can choose the main area they want to be judged in, depending on their role in the production of the individual video. These role areas include:
  • Reporter
  • Actor
  • Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • Animator
  • Script Writer

4-H Mic Flags
Click on the title above to open the Mic Flag document. Glue this on or make your own paper design so that you have your own customized mic flag!

Take a quart-sized milk carton and cut the bottom part off as high up on the carton as the carton is wide so that you essentially have a cube. Flip it over so that the bottom of the carton is now the top of your new mic flag. Cut a circular hole in the top to insert your microphone into. The new "bottom" of your mic flag will be open so stuff it with some foam to keep it from slipping down away from the microphone.

4-H Video Project Planning Form
This project planning form helps youth explore different video genre and analyze ahead of time the elements that go into making various types of video projects (e.g. elements such as dialogue, close-ups, interviews, b-roll, etc.)

There is room on the form to write down brainstorming ideas before you begin the filming process and also a blank page for beginning to write your script or improvisational ideas.

It can be an amazing process, putting a 4-H video project together - it often looks like a big puzzle by the time you are finished. This form helps you get at least a road map of ideas together before you dive into the film-making process.

Video Storyboard Form

This form gives 4-H youth something visual to help guide them as they plan and write their script for a film.

There is ample room for drawing pictures and writing dialogue below the pictures. The visual nature of this planning form provides a workable bridge from the "head" stuff of planning to the "eyes and ears" stuff of filming.