Making friends from across the United States!

Anthony Merriweather, Tyrus Wilcox and Hannah Tipton - 4-H videographers - stand in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. These and other 4-H youth came to our nation's capitol to learn more about digital storytelling through video. They will now return to their home states to share what they have learned and to encourage others to become involved in producing 4-H videos - especially those that teach about Science, Engineering and Technology concepts.

Tyrus Wilcox and Marquel Allen stand in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.. Tyrus and Marqual became acquainted during a video workshop sponsored by the National 4-H Council. Together these bright 4-H youth explored the challenges of Digital Storytelling related to Science, Engineering and Technology! (Marqual kept everyone in stitches during the training - always eager to laugh and have fun!)

Fred Powell and Tanisha English await the showing of the Butterfly videos!
Two leaders with consummate professional poise and grace.

Pamela Roberts and Richard Reeves enjoy a last laugh before heading home!
Richard has stretched everyone's knowledge of dramatic play in video with youth!

Tyrus Wilcox and Anthony Merriweather enjoyed each other's company!
Anthony was a terrific sport, who put up with lots of ribbing from older Tyrus!

Pamela Roberts and Fred Powell - a quiet respect and friendship established!
Fred kept us laughing with his butterfly character and voice over!