Two School of Food Science Student Product Development Teams Advance to National Finals

The Washington State University and University of Idaho School of Food Science has two food product development teams competing in the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association Product Development competition finals this summer. The food science students will compete against other product development teams from the U.S., Indonesia, the Netherlands and South Africa in Anaheim in June....

In an innovative effort to get young people enthusiastic about science, one team, led by junior food science major, Yukiko Sakai, has developed Erupt-a-Cake. This all-natural, ready-to-bake chocolate cake sports an erupting volcano and gummy dinosaurs.

“The target audience for Erupt-a-Cake is ‘tweens’ aged 8 – 12 years old,” said Sakai. “The kids make the cake and learn some science by combining an acid and a base to create the reaction that makes the volcano erupt.” While the final formulation of the product is still under wraps, all the ingredients are safe for children to work with and eat.

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