Our First African-American President Barack Obama is Sworn in: January 20, 2009!

Young people across our country have now witnessed and celebrated the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States! This is a special day in the history of our country and we at 4-H Network News hope that all American youth are inspired by the historical significance of today. We wish you the best, President Obama!
(These images were taken while watching the Inauguration on TV
in the WSU Jefferson County Extension office!)

Youthful hope is so evident in this face.

And these two, also!

The swearing in of President Barack Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama watches.

President Obama's speech.

Watching from Selma, Alabama.

Watching from Kenya.

Vice-President Joseph Biden is sworn in.

Aretha Franklin sings in tribute to the occasion.

Itshak Perlman plays for the occasion.

Yo Yo Ma and Anthony McGill play for the occasion.

First signings.

Waving goodbye to President George W. Bush.

Exchange of power.

Walking to the helicopter.

On the parade route.

Boys and Girls Club of America watching the parade.

On the parade route.

On the parade route.