4-H presents at Port Townsend Rotary!

Melanya Nordstrom of the Paws-N-Claws 4-H cat club (4-H leader - Laurie Hampton) shares with the Port Townsend Rotary the importance that 4-H has had in her life, especially related to animal care, crisis management and working together as a community. Melanya has become a resource in her community also through her work with Second Chance Ranch - now she is looked to for help whenever her community has animal related concerns.

Emily Kunz of the 4-H club, Thinkers and Tinkers (4-H leader - Mike Kunz), shared the importance that 4-H has had in developing her strong sense of leadership and confidence in presenting her ideas within public forums and governmental processes. Emily is now helping to lead our annual Know Your Government Conference, which includes youth from across Washington State!

Tyrus Wilcox of the 4-H Network News video club (4-H leader - Pamela Roberts) shared his appreciation of leadership opportunities that 4-H has provided. Tyrus told about his volunteer work in the 4-H Afterschool Program, sharing his knowledge of robotics with the younger kids there. Tyrus expressed a strong belief that by teaching others he was tapping into his own leadership abilities more fully.

Nathalie Knowles of the 4-H dog club, Wild Clovers (4-H Leader - Su Tipton), felt that the biggest thing 4-H provided for her was a larger sense of independence and self reliance. "I have learned to be less dependent," she stated emphatically. Nathalie also looked back at her previous shyness before entering 4-H and can now see that her experiences through 4-H have helped her gain a confident voice.

Rinnah Becker of the 4-H home arts club, Healthy Helpers (4-H leader - Sue Hay), wanted everyone to know how much 4-H had taught her about the importance of following details. In her sewing and cooking projects Rinnah has been tried and tested to complete projects despite challenges. She expressed a belief that these projects have helped her become a good problem solver and community contributor.

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