Sophie Gilbert and Matt Elmore culinary report

Matt Elmore shares his impressions of the Chinese Beef and Broccoli dinner he enjoyed while waiting for his flight out of SeaTac. The restaurant was the Manchu Wok.

Matt was flying out to report on a 4-H sponsored Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) event in Washington D.C. In fact, this was Matt's first time flying on a commercial airplane. Congratulations, Matt!

Matt liked the dish, he thought it was tasty and flavorful - he might have liked a little more salt in the taste (but we all know what a salt freak Matt is!).

Sophie Gilbert enjoyed a meal of Orange Chicken, BBQ Pork, Broccoli and Rice. Sophie felt the dish was slightly bland - it could have used a bit more in the way of spices.

Their video report will be published soon!