One of our Clubs, the "Community Connections 4-H Club," which includes a majority of youth from our Slavic Community, won the Washington State Community Pride Award. Their award winning program started as a gardening project connecting very "Americanized" Slavic youth with their "Old County" grandparents who, though living in Spokane, hold to their primary cultural heritage brought with them from the Ukraine and Russia.

The connections that grew during the 2007 year as the youth and seniors worked in the gardens resulted in a marvelous "Harvest Festival" last fall. Three of the club members and the primary leader, Tatyana Bistrevsky are part of our Know Your Government (KYG) delegation. This is a convenient coincidence, since the award is officially granted at the KYG Legislative Breakfast!

This is the first time that a Spokane County 4-H Club has won the state award. Congratulations to the Community Connections 4-H Club!