Team Jefferson presents economic award to Mobilisa

Members of Team Jefferson, our county's economic development group, honored Dr. Nelson Ludlow (in suit and tie) of Mobilisa for his successful creation of family wage jobs in Jefferson County. John Gardner (second from left), WSU VP for Economic Development, thanked Dr. Ludlow for his commitment to his rural county. Katherine Baril, left, is the WSU Jefferson County Extension director and in the back is Danielle Turissini, both members of Team Jefferson.

Below are interviews with some of the incredible (and young) employees from Mobilisa. High school students should definitely watch these videos to hear about the educational background of these young engineers and computer programmers.

It goes to show you that you too can strive do this!

Claudia Monroe, Quilcene HIgh School and Washington State University graduate, shares her educational background that led to her working at Mobilisa.

Adam Morris, Quilcene High School and Peninsula College graduate, shares his educational background that led to him working at Mobilisa.

Tristan Leonard and Ryan Bernard share their backgrounds that led to them working at Mobilisa.

Michael Karoda shares his background that led to him working at Mobilisa.