Leslie Bunton is Quilcene Citizen of the Year

9/19/2007 10:12:00

Leslie Bunton loves being part of the Quilcene community. Chosen as Citizen of the Year, she will be walking in the Quilcene Fair Parade, which starts at 11 a.m. Saturday. – Photo by Larry McKeehan
Leslie Bunton is Quilcene Citizen of the Year

By Mari McGrady, Leader Contributing Writer

Leslie Bunton arrived in Quilcene 14 years ago, quite by chance, she says, "after a good price on a piece of property lured me here."

Lucky for Quilcene! Leslie has become a quiet yet strong presence for all who cross her path. It's her community spirit that led her to be named 2007 Quilcene Citizen of the Year. She is being honored this Saturday, along with other dedicated volunteers, at the annual Quilcene Fair and Parade.

Leslie has volunteered in many ways for the community: working at the local food bank (filling holiday boxes is her favorite) and offering exercise classes twice each week in both Quilcene and Gardiner. She has served on the board for the Quilcene Community Center and the board to Support People with Disabilities. She has even "sneaked in" to clean the Quilcene Community Center on the occasions between janitors when the building needed cleaning.

The list could go on and on because, when it involves Leslie, when she sees something that needs doing, she's there.

"When Leslie walks into a room - no matter who is present or what is going on - something wonderful happens."

Leslie's nomination as Quilcene Citizen of the Year came about with a unanimous group decision made by Leslie's own exercise classes of Gardiner and Quilcene. The two groups got together, drafted a letter and sent it to the Quilcene Fair Board. Carol Christensen, a member of the exercise group that initiated the action, states: "Leslie is like a tree: She branches out and touches the lives of all those who come into her proximity. She is the heart of Quilcene, and to be honest, we can't live without her." READ MORE