4-H Big Quil Enterprises a Hit at Shrimpfest!

5/30/2007 7:25:00 AM
Dale Lane of Port Angeles relishes his plateful of shrimp, coleslaw and garlic toast. Photo by Allison Arthur

Whale of a ShrimpFest

ShrimpFest organizer Karen Sickel literally sold the pearl-shrimp necklace off her neck Saturday. The popular plastic necklaces and the oh-so-very-popular raw shrimp were flying out of the Brinnon ShrimpFest.

"It was like nothing we've ever seen," said Sickel on Monday, admitting she was tired but happy it was a busy, sold-out weekend. "We're all just delighted."

Even before ShrimpFest opened on Saturday, there were 47 people lined up to buy some of the tasty local morsels, she said. Presumably they all had coolers. More