EarthDay 2007: Lets Get This Party Started!

Claire, Zoe and Morgan show off their JunkYard Dolls and dance to the beat of EarthDay 2007 in Port Townsend, WA.

EarthDay EveryDay! fest a rousing success

The fourth annual EarthDay EveryDay! festival exceeded the expectations of even the most enthusiastic organizers, capped by an estimated 2,000 people who attended the Sunday Green Living Expo.

The Green Living Expo left organizers and participants saying "Wow!" The attendance of almost 2,000 people was double that of last year. The warm, sunny day drew people by walking (498), bike riding (179), carpooling (807) and bus riding (57) (Watch EarthDay Gatekeeper Video above for more attendee stats). Each of the 80 festival presenters felt that his booth was the highlight, said organizers. Read More