Caleb Klein elected KYG Governor at 2008 Conference!

Ryan Baye, Campaign Manager and Caleb Klein, now KYG Governor, from Edwall
(left to right)

Click here to read the entire feature article about the 2008 4-H Know Your Government Conference written up in WSU Today!

Congratulations, Caleb!

4-H Network News Records On Location

They traveled to the waterfalls. It was far away from where they lived. 

They hiked through natural surroundings.

After they arrived there the 4-H'ers played with the GPS units.

They experienced the wilderness with all of their senses.

And utilized cameras.

The 4-H'ers took video and photos of each other. This field trip was where the fifth episode of 'That Middle of Nowhere Show' was recorded.

The 4-H'ers had fun recording their latest video project.

After the field trip they are happy.

They had a exciting time in the woods. You can be certain they will be back!

4-H youth excel at basketball!

Before the game even began they were there for their team photographs.

4-H Network News was there. Pictured here holding the camcorders are Jeremy Van Berkom on the left and Josh King on the right. The other 4-H kids were on the opposite end of the playing court. They could take pictures of each other as shown in the following photo.

This was a exciting game. They played hard against a very challenging team and earned every point. The opposing team had presence on the court. On this side of the court the 4-H camera people were Devon Greenwood, Dustin Finley, and Josh Steele. On the opposite side of the court is 4-H camera person Jade Senner with camcorder.

Andrea Lara dexterously throws the basketball through the hoop. In the background you can see some of the local community that was there to support the kids. Andrea Lara played a high energy game that overcame the height advantage of the opposing team. Not shown here is the basketball Andrea Lara threw successfully going through the hoop.

Not shown is Sue Hay with camera to the right, Raphael Winters behind, and Ginnie and JoAnn with the younger 4-H Afterschool Forestry Program kids, who also attended the game seated to the left.

After the game everyone showed their good nature by shaking hands with the opposing team (not shown) and walked around the edge of the court and out through these doors in the far corner.

It was a high temperature game, but any game that you can walk away from is a good one. Shown here is Naeomie Barrow (also a 4-H'er) walking out the door after the game.

This player was thoughtful enough to greet the kids in 4-H Network News upon their arrival. She also remembered to say goodbye to them and 4-H Network News camera person Jade Senner on their departure.

Lunar Eclipse

4-H Network News was there to photograph the Lunar Eclipse as it happened.

Christmas Party

This Video was written and directed by Claire Turner.

Starring: Claire Turner, Luke Turner, Matt Elmore, Tyrus Wilcox, Pamela Roberts and Sophie Gilbert.

Chloe Robocker: 2008 4-H Know Your Government Conference

Chloe Robocker was the gubernatorial candidate for Jefferson County at the 2008 4-H Know Your Government Conference held in Olympia. This video is of her campaign speech before almost 400 4-H youth attending the conference. Way to go Cloe!

Chloe Robocker shares her initial impressions of the 2008 4-H Know Your Government Conference.

"Decision 2008" 4-H Know Your Government Conference a success!

Pictured above from Jefferson County 4-H are front l. to r.: Sara Pierce, Chloe Robocker, Soren Cassella-Blackburn Back l. to r.: Emily Kunz, Sue Hay, Angelina Pace, JoAnn Beard and Marianne Walters. Congratulations on a great conference!


One of our Clubs, the "Community Connections 4-H Club," which includes a majority of youth from our Slavic Community, won the Washington State Community Pride Award. Their award winning program started as a gardening project connecting very "Americanized" Slavic youth with their "Old County" grandparents who, though living in Spokane, hold to their primary cultural heritage brought with them from the Ukraine and Russia.

The connections that grew during the 2007 year as the youth and seniors worked in the gardens resulted in a marvelous "Harvest Festival" last fall. Three of the club members and the primary leader, Tatyana Bistrevsky are part of our Know Your Government (KYG) delegation. This is a convenient coincidence, since the award is officially granted at the KYG Legislative Breakfast!

This is the first time that a Spokane County 4-H Club has won the state award. Congratulations to the Community Connections 4-H Club!

4-H Network News filming 'Forestry Facts'

Shown are Jeremy VanBerkom and Devon Greenwood, Jeremy VanBerkom recording Piers Senner, and Jade Senner behind looking into the camera.

4-H Big Quil Oysters!

4-H Camera Club

4-H Afterschool Forestry Program

Naeomie's Video

Naeomie created this video/slideshow using Photobooth.

Random Interviews

by Ashley and Serena - this is their first video and it was made during 4-H Leadership Camp. Congratulations on a great job!

WRIA 17 Water: Managing a Common Resource

This video shares information about the Quilcene - Snow Watershed WRIA 17 located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Produced by Sam Gibboney.

That Middle of Nowhere Show: Casasholda

That Middle of Nowhere Show: Casasholda. (Pronounced: KA-Sah-SHowL-da).

This webisode is a parody of Casablanca starring 4-Hers from the 4-H Forestry Quilcene Afterschool Program.

It stars Jeremy VanBerkom and Naeomie Barrow.

This series is produced through a collaborative effort between WSU North Olympic Peninsula Learning Center and WSU Jefferson County Extension.

Forestry Facts: Is it a bear?

This edutainment video is about bear recognition and safety in the wilderness.

It stars Dustin Finley, Jade Senner, and Devon Greenwood.

Much thanks to the 4-H Quilcene Afterschool Forestry Program and the Quilcene Ranger Station and especially Karen Holtrop playing herself as the U.S. Forest Service Ranger.

To learn more about Bear Safety please visit Bear Facts by the USDA Forest Service.

Kitten has a Mac attack!

This video was posted on Youtube and features a darling kitten attacking its owner's Mac computer. Technology meets animal behavior.